Competitions date and place:

1.Slovenia April 30-th

2. Hungary Mai 20-th

3. Croatia June 17-th

4. Slovakia July 22

5. Serbia 26. or 27. August

Recurve, Compound, Barebow: official Divisions for the CEC Cup classification
Separate age classes in the General Class, Juniors and Cadets
Women and men

Recurve Bow:
General Class and Juniors:  70 m. – 122 cm target face
Cadets:                                   60 m. – 122 cm target face

Compound and Barebow:
All age classes:                        50 m. – 80 resp 122 cm. target face

Other age classes as per either WA (Master) or others as per local conditions)

BB, LB and IB distances as per local conditions.

Competition format:

Qualification:  2×36 arrows

Elimination and final rounds as per WA Rules at each competition is a must for each division.

Starting with a max. of 16 athletes/Division or a max. of 8 athletes/Division or 4 athletes/Division and there will be no elimination and final rounds when less than 4 athletes/Division are present

CEC classification:

In order to be included in the Cup final classification list a participation in more than half of the legs is necessary.

The 3 best placings out of total number of competitions will be taken for the final awards.

Results are counted aggregate after elimination rounds meaning the final result of each leg.

In order to be considered for aggregate results it is mandatory to attend final leg.

In case that participants have the same points after the final leg, the archer who participated in the highest number of legs will receive the award.

In case of a tie a shoot-off will decide on the place in the CEC-circuit.

The athlete has to be present at the last leg in order to receive his/her award.  If not, the award will not be given.

Central European Cup – Points/competition:

The 16 best athletes in the Recurve and Compound Divisions and in the classes General Class, Juniors and Cadets women and men are awarded points in each Central European Cup as follows:

 Place      Pts              

1             25                           

2             21                         

3             18                          

4             15                       

5             13                           

6             12                      

7             11                          

8             10                         

9-16          5                           

The Circuit (aggregate) list will be made up by each organizer for each event, starting with the first event and then completed by the next organizers so that at the final event the list can be used easily for preparing the list with the winners.

The event result list and the Circuit(aggregate) list must be made available to all the Nations participating in the CEC cup within one week after the event.

The Circuit Classification list must be in excel Format as per the sample attached and must also include the country-code. (Club is not a must nor necessary)

Mixed Team event will be held at the final event if organizer hosts for it. Recurve and Compound.

A team is 1 man and 1 woman. All age groups can be mixed as far they shoot the same distance. Meaning that an adult can shoot with a junior in recurve and all ages can shoot in pair in compound. There will be 3 different groups. Those who shoot from 70m, 60m and 50m. Competition only held in one group if the teams are minimum 4 on one distance.

The teams are decided by the coaches or athletes,(not by ranking) maximum 1 hour after the qualification round, so the organizer have time to prepare the lists till next day competition.

General rules

The original concept should be kept.

 -Meaning competitions are organized inside the circle of 700km as agreed previous years.(See map from past minutes) Founding countries should not be outside this circle.(HUN,CRO,SLO)

-No more competitions organized than can be placed in international calendar without crashing other events

-CEC is considered as international competition, meaning that national calendar is adjusted to CEC and not vice versa. This is up to each organizing countries Association to watch and ensure.

-to organize a CEC round archers from the planned organizer country shall be present on more than half of the organized rounds in other countries in at least two consecutive years.

-Costs must be kept down when it comes to travelling, number of nights on place and registration fees. Two day tournaments should start later on Saturday allowing athletes to arrive even if started same day in the morning (recommended start of registration 10.00 and first shot 13.00) this way 1 night in hotel can be a kept even at 2 days tournament.

– For 2023 fallowing entry fees are set: EUR 20-25 for the legs, and maximum 30 Euro for final leg.

– Every competition must be registered at WA, for WA target categories (Compound,Recurve, Barebow)

-Tents for archers and equipment, if possible needs to be provided by organizer to raise quality of CEC

21.october 2022.