Guidelines to archers who like to participate

on international archery events


As the Covid-19 pandemics keeps coming back in 2-nd and possibly fallowing waves and no clear info is available  IAA tries to provide some help in planning participation on international events in the future especially 2021.

Archery, is a sport without direct physical contact and provides excellent opportunities to comply with epidemiological recommendations and regulations to prevent the spread of the virus. Larger sport events held recently like European championships in contact sports like Handball, Water Polo, proves that archery competitions can and should be held locally and internationally if authorities do not forbid it.

Organizer and the IAA is committed to keep up with the ongoing work with the upcoming W3DCH in Szekszárd and is expecting the Championships to take place as planned.

In order to enable our members and sportsmen to prepare as much as possible we recommend as below.


*GET A VACCINATION ASP to protect yourself firstly as much as possible and also it seems that some countries are considering some sort of vaccination card/passport proving that you have been vaccinated as a condition for participation on any event. It might be a condition for booking transportation tickets also especially for flights.

*BE PREPARED THAT NEGATIVE TESTS CAN BE A DEMAND FROM LOCAL GOVERNMENT for participating on an archery event. (even if you have been vaccinated as you can carry the virus even if you are not sick or getting sick)

*BOOK TICKETS, ACCOMODATION WITH CANCELLATION POSSIBILITY  or  with assurance so you can get your money back if event is cancelled.

*DO NOT PLAN WITH VIEWERS or non competing family members being able to join you to the competition area.

*be sure that you HAVE SOME SORT OF HEALTHCARE ASSURANCE in case you get the virus or any other decease after all so your healthcare and other costs related are covered if you get sick.

*BE UPDATE ON NEWS AND REGULATIONS REGARDING TRAVEL AND SPORT ACTIVIES FOR YOUR COUNTRY. We will inform you about the local ones as competition is getting nearer


*BE PREPARED TO HAVE DIFFERENT CONDITIONS ON THE COMPETITION PLACE AND DURING COMPETITION THAN YOU ARE USED TO. Obligatory mask wearing when not shooting, distancing during the shoot and arrow pulling, disinfection after each contact, frequent temperature checks and so on. These specific rules needs to be set only a few days before the competition as they are changing constantly with short notice.

*REGISTER ASP AS COMPETITOR in case of upper participation limits set by authorities the order of registration is deciding who can participate and who has to stay at home. (registration means paid entrance fee. The order for right to participate is  paid entrance fee and than the order of pre-registration without paid entrance fee and last the ones who wish to register and pay at place, the last option we do not recommend as there will not be any warranty for being able to register and compete).       

*OPENING AND CLOSING CEREMONIES might be completely different than usual depending on regulations it might be cancelled as well if necessary. (Price ceremony will be held within the eventual and actual regulations set.)